Let There Be Light — Guided Meditations by Brad Austen


Everyone needs healing on some level, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The guided meditations in Let There Be Light have been carefully created to heal and balance all aspects of yourself. This download will help you to release your fears, to connect with your higher self and to receive valuable insights into the challenges that you face in life.

You are my favourite person to listen to for guided meditations. Please make more and more. We love your voice, your accent, your softness and all of the meanings of what you say.
— Lynn

Hi Brad, your new album is absolutely fantastic, you are a heavenly being. You have to do more because you are a natural.
— Trish

Music composed by Sigma

Total Running Time 64:26


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You can listen to and download this Let There Be Light meditation album in MP3 format below. Payments are secure and handled by PayPal. If you have any questions or concerns you can email me at the contact link.


Let There Be Light
in MP3 Format

Trackmp3 sample
1. Introduction
2. Relaxation Meditation
3. Theta Meditation
4. Waterfall Meditation
5. Transmuting Your Fears Meditation
6. Library of Knowledge Meditation

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Track Summary

Introduction (5:20)

An introduction to Let There Be Light and the concept behind these guided meditations. Suggestions are given to ensure a pleasurable meditative experience.


Relaxation Meditation (10:46)

You visualize the different parts of your body that hold tension and allow them to relax with your breathing. This meditation is a full body relaxation meditation that also includes working with the light energy for healing and relaxation. Suitable for beginners or just simply when you want to relax.


Theta Meditation (7:54)

You begin by visualizing a ball of light in your heart charka. Gradually this ball ascends up through your higher charkas and towards your higher self. This theta brain wave meditation allows you to work with your charkas and connect to your higher self, deepening your connection to your higher self and allowing you to receive guidance in your life.


Waterfall Meditation (8:56)

The sun is shining on your skin and you feel at peace. As you walk along a path, you hear the gentle sound of running water. You walk under a waterfall and you feel the water cleansing your skin and the sunrays cleansing your aura. A healing meditation utilizing the healing power of the sun and water to clear your body and aura of unwanted energies and at the same time induce deep relaxation.


Transmuting Your Fears Meditation (14:36)

You visualize yourself in a beautiful garden. The sun is shining and it is a clear blue day. In this meditation, you are provided with the opportunity to face and release your fears in a gentle and safe space. Working with the power of visualization, this meditation assists you to safely release your fears with the help of Ascended Master Saint Germain and Archangel Raphael.


Library of Knowledge Meditation (16:44)

Visualize yourself in the comfort of your backyard. The sun is shining and it is a clear blue day. You see a golden white light and an angel appears in front of you. This meditation takes you on a journey to a library of knowledge. Inside the library, you access inner wisdom and knowledge with the help of a guide. At the end of the meditation you return back to your home and ground yourself under a tree.


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