Working With Your Spirit Guides
by Brad Austen


The higher self is the part of our spirit that stays on the other side of the veil. Like a veil you wear on your face, the veil hides your real identity, that of your spirit and your real home. As we raise our frequency and follow the spiritual path, over time our connection to our higher self becomes stronger. Usually we experience a series of soul merges through our intent and when we are spiritually ready. A part of our higher self merges with our human spirit allowing more of our spirit to shine through us. With this connection, it is not uncommon to feel less alone, more at peace, experience better health and experience living in the now more often. Our ego gradually takes the back seat and our spirit takes the drivers seat. Our spirit guides are a part of us, part of our soul that has split up to assist us on our earth journey. We also have master teachers that are not a part of our higher self, but wish to assist us on our path. These can be departed loved ones, ascended masters whom have also walked the earth plane and even animal spirits, our departed pets. We all have an entourage of spiritual helpers that wish to guide us along our path.

This meditation album is designed to assist you in having a closer relationship with your higher self and your spirit guides. Spirit wishes to help us in our lives, all we need to do is be still and tune in. Spirit can manifest in different forms, every living thing has consciousness, including the planet and animals. The meditations on this album, take you on a journey to meet and connect with your higher self and spirit guides, so they can have a stronger presence in your life. By working with the meditations on this album, your channels will gradually open and it will be easier to communicate with spirit when you wish and desire.


Thank you Brad for these beautiful meditations. This is exactly what I've been seeking for some time now. Thank you for helping me to connect to my higher self. I've been using your Healing the Heart meditations to help me through some stressful times but these meditations take me a step further. You are a blessing in my life. Thank you so much.
— Ann

Total Running Time: 70:52


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Working With Your Spirit Guides Meditations in MP3 Format

Trackmp3 sample
1. Introduction
2. Higher-Self Meditation
3. Animal Guide Meditation
4. Spirit of Gaia Meditation
5. Master Teacher Meditation

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Track Summary

Introduction (04:21)

An introduction about the concept of this spirit guides album. The higher self is explained and how our higher self and spirit guides function as a support system in our life. Some insights are given on how following a spiritual path will transform our lives, allowing us to live happier more fulfilling lives.


Higher-Self Meditation (14:12)

In this meditation I take you through a visualization to allow you to connect to your higher self and receiving guidance from it, to allow you to live your life to your highest calling. You visualize yourself sitting under a very large tree. Like the tree branches that extend out reaching for the light, you also have a network of branches connecting you to the light of your higher self.


Animal Guide Meditation (14:17)

In this meditation, I take you on a journey into a tropical wilderness to meet and receive guidance from your animal guide. You are walking on a path up a mountaintop. You hear a rustling in the bushes and your animal guide emerges. You feel entirely safe and your animal guide is relaxed and happy to see you. Your animal guide has a special message to give you today.


Spirit of Gaia Meditation (19:18)

The spirit of Gaia is the sacred consciousness of the planet, it knows who are and wishes to assist you on your spiritual journey. In this meditation, you are guided on a journey to connect with the spirit of Gaia and receive guidance to assist you on your journey. You visualize yourself in a beautiful field; surrounded by lush green grass and you feel the connection to Gaia beneath your feet. You feel a gentle breeze blow across your face, and if you listen closely you can almost hear the spirit of the wind.


Master Teacher Meditation (18:44)

In this meditation you visualize yourself in your backyard. Your guardian angel appears and takes you on a journey to meet your master teacher in a golden pyramid of light. You enter the pyramid of light and your master teacher is there waiting for you. He has a special message to give you today to assist you on your journey. If you have any questions on your mind, feel free to ask them now.



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