2012 — Is it the end of the world
or the beginning of something beautiful?

Since the fall of Atlantis thousands of years ago, in our collective consciousness we have held a fear about armageddon occurring and the end of the world. Many souls that experienced the fall and apocalypse of Atlantis are also alive today on the planet. Essentially we are here to create a new golden age and ensure that what happened in Atlantis wont happen again.

There have been many predictions over the years from prophets such as Nostradamus that talked about the end of the world. When those predictions were "seen" in the old energy of the past they were correct. However many lightworkers alive today have changed our future by raising the vibration of the planet. At the moment you could say there is a tug of war happening between the old energy and the new energy. Some unawakened people believe that God seeks to punish us, and many religions also speak of rapture and judgment. Most religions hold onto past predictions and teachings to invoke fear and are essentially "old" energy. The new spiritual human realizes he/she is a part of God and also a co-creator on this planet.

If you were to find yourself during a natural disaster, such as a tsunami or earthquake, it would feel like the end of the world. And indeed it appears so for those that die or lose loved ones. From a human perspective it is a tragic disaster with lose of life, property and livelihoods. From a spiritual perspective, death is not the end, life is continuous and everything has purpose. Earth changes are occurring on the planet, because it is ascending, and also because humanity is ascending. We are a part of the earth and earth is a part of us.

For the masses of humanity, I believe 2012 will be a non-event. There however may be increases in separation, violence and greed. For those on the ascension path, 2012 may offer DNA activations, increases in self-healing and multidimensional awareness. In most cases these changes are gradual and already occurring. I believe the planet will be at a higher vibration at the end of 2012, but that most people wont "magically" ascend.

On December the 21st of 2012, the Mayan Calendar ends. A lot of discussion and debate has occurred to decipher what this really means. For me it is an end of a cycle, a particularly dark one on the planet and the beginning of a new one, a new golden age. I believe that changes won't happen overnight, and we are here to do the "work" of spreading light on the planet.

Each of us has a special role to help bring light and positive change on planet earth. For many on the spiritual path, your purpose and mission will start to be revealed to you, if it hasn't already. You will find it easier to connect with your higher self and guides, and your psychic abilities will increase. For me, 2012 marks a new beginning in consciousness and human evolution on the planet.

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