Becoming Crystalline

Humanity is gradually becoming crystalline, or more crystal-like in vibration. This is a process that is gradual and happens over many years. Those at the forefront of spiritual evolution are leading the way to hold a higher vibration in human form. One of the easiest ways to become more crystalline is to wear and work with crystals.

Ask to make a connection with your body elemental to assist in healing your physical body. Your body elemental is the consciousness of your body and is always trying to maintain balance. It communicates with you through feeling and intuition. Often we say, "I have a gut feeling". This is your body elemental trying to communicate with you.

Ask your body elemental now, what you need for healing and to become more crystalline. Ask what crystals you need to work with to assist this process. Ask what types of food will assist you in becoming more crystalline and vibrating at a higher vibration. Allow your mind to be still and wait for the answers.

We are going to do some affirmations now to assist the process of becoming more crystalline. Start by saying in your mind, "my body is becoming crystalline at a speed I can handle". "The vibration of my cells is changing to hold more light and less density". As these changes take place, I will gradually feel more at peace and content. There may be some symptoms during this process, if there is you can ask to slow down the process to rest and recover. Often as our vibration increases, negative energies can rise to the surface to be released. This is often the case if you have repressed many emotions over the years. Know that once these emotions are released, you will no longer be carrying them around.

Slow and steady wins the race, there is no rush when climbing the ascension latter. The following are some more affirmations to assist this process. "My body is gradually being infused with light, at a rate I can handle, to hold more of my spirit in my body." Over time as my vibration increases, I essentially become a different person. You become more loving, more giving and willing to serve, to help others on their path.

Your body will gradually begin to regenerate and look more youthful. This is a gradual process, as all the cells in your body become crystalline. Your quality of life will improve as your body becomes stronger and healthier. Another way to assist this process is to exercise regularly. Gentle exercise on a regular basis such as walking and swimming will assist this process the most. Exercise that puts too much strain on the body and that can cause injury is not recommended.

Getting enough sunlight is important to help the skin transmute density and hold more light in your cells. In summer you only really need 5-10 minutes of unprotected sun exposure and in winter about 20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure daily. Some common sense and listening to your body elemental will assist this process in becoming healthier and more crystalline over time.

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