Becoming a Balanced Human Being in an Imbalanced World


You may wonder, how does one become or remain balanced in an imbalanced world? With so much negativity and suffering happening in the world, it can be a challenge not to get drawn in and affected by it. You only have to switch on the TV or listen to the radio to hear about all the negativity and bad things happening in the world. Mainstream news is usually roughly 90% negative and 10% positive, which is very unbalanced reporting. It also isn't an accurate reflection of the majority of humanity; most people are inherently good.

The mainstream news is designed this way to keep us locked in lower emotions such as fear, separation and to disempower us. Many people want to listen to the daily news to keep informed, but soon get tired of the negativity. The Internet is a great place to find alternative news channels and more uplifting news that the 'powers that be' can't control as much.

This is why lightworkers are so important; your presence simply makes the world a lighter and brighter place. Part of your purpose or mission before you incarnated was to spread light and remain positive in a negative world – quite a challenge indeed. Often lightworkers also carry a great empathy and sensitivity in order to do the work required, but this can be a double-edged sword because we feel so much!

In many ways it can be very easy to live like a hermit and not leave your home. I think many lightworkers can relate to that, but part of our mission is to touch the lives of other people – people that are beginning to awaken. This is how we change the planet, one person at a time. That person will then touch other people until there is a great healing and awakening happening on the planet. It starts slowly and gradually builds momentum. Please don't underestimate how powerful and important you are!

It's important to remember that the planet and its inhabitants are going through a lot of changes. Darkness is being amplified and so is the light as we go through the shift. Often changes are a bit chaotic, where everything is shaken, reformed and restructured into something new. Eventually though, things will smooth out and life will become easier and more enjoyable for everyone. It is quite a ride on planet Earth, and something you wanted to experience to propel your evolution.

There are a few things you can do to help you remain balanced as humanity goes through the shift in consciousness. Learn to love and nurture yourself and put yourself first. Take time out to get enough sleep and rest. If possible, undertake work that isn't too demanding or stressful. Eat an organic well balanced diet and supplement your diet if you feel you are missing certain vitamins and minerals. There are many natural herbs available that assist with reducing anxiety and stress, such as valerian, passionflower and hops for example.

Consult with natural and holistic practitioners from time to time, if needed. Receiving a massage can also be a great way to relieve built up stress and tension. Exercise regularly and spend time in water to cleanse your aura and emotional body. Spend time in nature as much as you can and have some time alone each day. You may like to learn and practice yoga or meditation to help with stress reduction. Find or create a support network around you that you can lean on for help and support.

Remaining balanced is important as we go through the shift, as any imbalanced energy within you will begin to surface. This is part of what happens during ascension; so don't panic if you find this happening. Old wounds or issues from the past may surface again for you to acknowledge and clear once more. It is not that there is anything necessarily wrong with you, it's just your emotional body is having a spring clean. Remember that our power lies in the present, so aim to stay in the moment, and not too much in the past or future. Many good things are on the way individually and collectively, so hold on and enjoy the ride.


By Brad Austen © 2016.

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