Choose Your Own Adventure — The Journey of Life

As a child I use to read a series of choose your own adventure books. For those that aren't familiar with them, basically it was a children's story that allowed the reader to choose what the character experienced. Similar to life, in the book, you could make choices based on free will. There were usually three different endings in the book; some of the consequences the character in the book experienced could be considered good, bad and ugly. It was a novel idea; as just in life, we are all living our own choose your own adventure story.

When you read most fiction books it only has one ending. I thought the author of these books was very insightful, to give the reader free choice. You could choose one story ending, and then read it another time if you wanted to experience another ending. The books were very enjoyable and easy to read.

It is common knowledge we have free will, and are living on a free-will planet. A lot of the problems on this planet are a result of our free will. But like a choose your own adventure book, we have the power to choose again. We have a responsibility to accept and live with the choices we make in life. If you are ever in doubt, or are at a crossroads in life, ask yourself "what is the highest choice I can make in this situation"? Way up the options and if in doubt, listen to the nudging's of spirit. We all make mistakes in life; it is part of the journey. Over time we grow in wisdom, and gradually make higher choices. This is how we evolve.

Life is a journey, and we always have choice. We have choice in how we respond to others, and choice in how we spend our time. When we begin to wake up from our spiritual slumber, we realize we are not a victim in life. With this realization we often no longer wish to live our life by default. Often this is a gradual process of awakening, but in some cases an illness or stressful event can trigger an awakening.

As we get older, conditioning from our parents and society can create fears and blocks in our lives. We all want to live the life of our dreams, but if you get caught up in the system, it can be difficult to break free. I believe that we are only on this planet for a short time, it is important to ask ourselves what we want out of life. I believe it is important to spend our time wisely and make the most of opportunities. While our spirit is eternal, we will never have the same unique opportunities as we do now. Life is what you make it, if your feeling unhappy or dissatisfied, keep choosing until you're living the life of your dreams. It requires courage and often taking some risks, but you will be glad you did.

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