Human Destiny — Is it pre-planned or do we have choice?

Human destiny is an interesting topic to explore, as many people in their lives will wonder what the future has in store for them. Generally there are two schools of thought on this subject. One belief is that we create our own destiny with our thoughts, words and actions, moment by moment, each day. The other school of thought is that our destiny is already pre-planned; we created it before we were born. There is some truth in both of these statements.

We do have a rough plan that we create in the spirit world before we incarnate. We create a certain "set up" or "mission" we wish to achieve. We choose certain people to be with us in our lives. We choose our parents, to help us grow, to challenge us, and assist in fulfilling our lessons whilst on the earth plane. They also choose us, to assist their own growth and lessons. We also choose which country to be born into, the different circumstances with its opportunities and challenges.

We are gifted with free will, to create the life we want with our thoughts, words and actions. So while we have a rough plan, we are also creating our destiny each moment of each day. As a human being you can create unconsciously or consciously. You can live by default or you can take control and create the live you wish. It all starts with a thought, or intent, which when mixed with emotion, becomes a powerful creative force. We can create from a space of fear or love and compassion.

Many people have sought a psychic before to assist them with direction in life and perhaps to have their future told. The future isn't set in stone, whatever a psychic is seeing or being told by spirit, are "potentials". We all have energetic potentials, but these also change and manifest based on our thoughts, words and actions. As an example, perhaps you had a psychic reading and they have said you would be meeting the love of your life. While this is possible, if you don't take the necessary action to socialize and actively meet new people, it is unlikely they will simply knock on your door. Just because it has been foretold, does not mean it is set in stone as well. As a creative being, we have to take the necessary action to manifest our dreams.

We are collectively and individually creating our destiny each moment of each day. If you find yourself in a situation you do not like, the best thing to do is to take responsibility for creating the situation and choose again. Often the most painful experiences in life create the opportunity for the greatest growth. There is light at the end of the tunnel! We are simply not victims of life, seemingly drifting though time and space. We always have choice; sometimes we aren't aware of that, so we create by default. We cannot control other people, as they have their own free will, but we have choice how we respond and deal with them.

We are ultimately on this planet to grow spiritually. It is not an easy journey, but you will become a greater, wiser being than before you came. I believe that a beautiful destiny awaits us, as we create heaven on earth. It requires work, but we are laying the foundation for a beautiful future on planet earth for the generations to follow.

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