Mirrors — Reflections of Consciousness

Mirrors are an interesting topic as everyone can relate to them on some level. What is a mirror you may ask? Physical mirrors aside, mirrors are based on the principle that everything in the external world is simply a reflection of our internal state of being. It's also part of the law of attraction. We attract certain people into our lives, our friends and partners that mirror an aspect of ourselves. You could also take this a step further, by saying that nature; animals, insects and the weather are also influenced and reflections of human consciousness. The indigenous communities around the world have known this for a long time. This sacred knowledge is only just beginning to filter into western society and our collective understanding. The truth is we are connected to everything; there is really no separation as it may appear on the surface.

Basically we reflect or "mirror" our issues and life lessons onto other people so they reflect what we need to work on at the time. This operates very much on a subconscious level, until we become consciously aware of it. As we grow as a person and our lessons change, we start to attract new people and situations into our life that reflect our new state of being. This is the main reason why friends and lovers often depart from our lives. We have learnt the lesson/s from this person and are ready to move on.

One must be very honest and place the ego aside, as a mirror can reveal what we would prefer not to acknowledge and accept. When you realize that a mirror is a gift, you have the opportunity to see it in a different light. If someone in your life really annoys you, she/he is reflecting a part of yourself that annoys you. If someone in your life is controlling you, you need to look at your own lesson of self-control and that of others. If you allow other people to simply "be", others will mirror that. If we find someone in your life is judging us, we need to look at our own lesson of judgment and how we can be less judgmental.

It's quite a complex system that is ultimately there to help us on our journey in spiritual growth and evolution. You really need to examine your relationships honestly in order to see the mirror. When you change yourself, you also change the mirror. People in your life that no longer match your mirror will drift away as you have less and less in common with them. This can seem sad at first, but the other person also has the opportunity to change as well. If you're ever feeling like a victim, take a closer look at your mirrors and you will most likely see things from a higher perspective. Ultimately we are in the driver seat in life, we always have free will to choose yet again.

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