The Higher Self and our Spirit Guides

Ihave noticed in some new age communities, similarly in religion, that seekers want to worship an ascended master, angel or deity. It is true that spirit guides, angels and ascended masters can assist us on our path in life. They are primarily there as a support team, we are the ones running the show, not the other way around. They often work behind the scenes for the most part, and usually only intervene in our lives if we are in danger or ask them for assistance.

It may be surprising to some, while we are pretending to be human, that we are divine as well. Our spirit guides are actually us, a part of our higher self that has separated from our human spirit, but at the same time always there for us. Many years ago when I started raising my vibrations through meditation and psychic development, at night I would see my guides with my third eye. They were always violet in colour, and my Mum would jokingly call them the "purple people". I would see them out of the corner of my eye, usually guarding a door or entrance to my house. It is common for your guides to change or be upgraded as you evolve through life. Think of it a bit like this metaphor. You are the rock star on stage and your guides are the entourage.

Unfortunately many religions have taken away our power, teaching us the creator is somewhere "out there" and separate from us. Some people even cringe at the word "God". Is your God a kind, compassionate God or a judgmental God? Do you really believe that God is an old man with a beard keeping score on a white fluffy cloud? The creator loves us that much that he has given us free will to live the life we desire. There are always lower and higher choices in life but God isn't going to judge us, because we are a part of the creator.

Religion in general does not want to empower the masses that the creator is actually within. But no matter what your beliefs are, spirit wants to help you in your life. Use the word that you feel comfortable with, spirit isn't going to judge you for your beliefs. Human beings are gradually changing the vibration of the planet, a planet that has experienced a great deal of negativity and suffering. Each person has a special role to play in the grand scheme of things, our guides are there to guide and support us on our journey. Don't be afraid to ask for guidance if you need it, they are always there and ready.

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