What is Channeling?

Chances are you have heard of the word channeling before, or seen a live channeling or read a channeled article. But what is channeling and can anybody do it? Channeling is a natural state and most people do it all the time without realizing it. We may call it a hunch or a gut feeling which later turns out to be correct. You could say there is unconscious channeling, which everyone does, and conscious channeling that a medium does. Anyone can learn to channel and become a medium, but not everyone desires to.

Whenever you are being creative, it is channeling in a sense, you are channeling higher aspects of yourself or spirit. Whether this is creating a artwork, writing something inspiring, or communicating with beings on the other side, it's all a form of channeling. Imagination and channeling go hand in hand and you could say you can't have one without the other. Often as children we have vivid imaginations and are in a more receptive and open state. Often as we get older and become conditioned by society this state begins to shut down. However this ability can still be reawakened by studying and practicing meditation, psychic development and mediumship.

The truth is that we are all connected to divinity and have access to the creator within us. It's often a matter of silencing the ego and rational mind, and allowing spirit to flow through us. The rational or left side of the brain wants proof and sees things in black and white. People that are predominately left brain thinkers will have a harder time reawakening this ability. People that are predominately right brain thinkers, one's that are creative and imaginative will find it easier to reawaken this ability.

One thing that often occurs when a person learns to channel, is the feeling that they are just imagining or making it up. However with practice you will begin to recognize when it is your own consciousness or that of spirit. The way I see it is that we are all really connected, it is just the illusion that we are separated. When you begin to work with spirit, it's often the message that is important, more than the source. It can often be our ego that may want to know where the message is coming from, but having said that, you can always ask.

Learning to channel can be an enjoyable experience as well. Usually you begin with learning to silence one's mind through meditation. Then through the power of intent and visualization you may connect to spirit, a departed loved one or one of your guides. This occurs when you are ready and is usually a gradual progression. It is common when channeling afterwards to forget the message or information as it is simply passing through you, not from you. Over a period of time channeling can become a natural ability, it is after all our natural state. In the future everyone will be able to channel, and it may not be called channeling anymore, perhaps simply "connecting" or something similar.

By Brad Austen © 2013.

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