F.A.Q about Guided Meditation


What are the benefits of guided meditation?

Guided meditation has many health benefits when practiced regularly. Some of these benefits include better health and disposition, reduced stress and anxiety and greater levels of peace and harmony. Meditation can also surface and clear negative emotional states and also speed up the body's natural healing process. Practicing meditations will also expand your awareness and develop your psychic ability. This can also lead to developing your ability to connect with your higher self and guides.


What are the differences between guided meditation and other forms of meditation?

Guided meditation is a type of meditation where you listen to an instructor's voice guide you on a journey to reach a certain state or goal. This may simply be to relax, ground oneself or connect with the realm of spirit, to name a few examples. Guided meditation can also teach you how to breathe deeply and slowly to release tension in your body. You can listen to guided meditation in the comfort of your home with an audio recording, which means you do not need to attend a formal class. Guided meditation also differs from some traditional forms of meditation in that you don't need to sit in a lotus position — you can sit in a chair or lie down if you wish.

Guided meditation keeps your mind active during the meditation, rather than simply experiencing silence like other forms of meditation. This is beneficial for people who would like some guidance and direction during their meditation practice, and for this reason is perfect for beginners to meditation.


How often and when should I practice guided meditation?

Some people like to practice meditation first thing upon rising or at night before bed. Meditation can sometimes energise the mind in some people: if this happens it is best to practice meditation during the day. Meditation has an accumulative effect over a period of time, in that the benefits will increase over that period of time. As a guideline it is recommended to start practicing guided meditation for 10 minutes a day. You may like to build this up gradually to 15-25 minutes a day, or longer. Setting aside some time out from your schedule to simply relax and unwind with a guided meditation recording is a good idea.


Where is the best place to download a guided meditation audio recording?

There are many ways to listen to a guided meditation recording. You may like to purchase a guided meditation CD to play with a CD player or Hi Fi system. You may prefer to download an mp3 from a digital store such as iTunes (www.itunes.com/bradausten) or from a website such as this one (www.mindful-meditations.com/guided-meditations.html). You can then listen to the guided meditation on your computer, or transfer it to an mp3 player or burn to a CD. This is a very affordable option and once you have downloaded the mp3s, you can listen to the recordings as often as you wish.


Which guided meditation recording is best for me?

This is very much a personal preference. Some people may prefer to listen to a female instructor or a male instructor. Some people may prefer to listen to a meditation instructor with their native tongue or in a foreign accent. On iTunes, for example, there are literally hundreds of guided meditation albums by different artists, many of these artists are from the USA. Some meditation artists may talk faster or slower or somewhere in between. One of the nice things about a guided meditation recording is the background music. The meditation music, if done correctly, usually enhances the listener's meditation experience.


I would like to practice my own meditations with background music — is this possible?

Yes it is. I have a range of very relaxing meditation music available to download on my website (www.mindful-meditations.com/meditation-music-artists.html). This music is for your personal use and not to use in audio productions. You may prefer to listen to relaxing music with your meditation practice and this music creates a perfect ambience for that.


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