Spirit–Inspired Articles by Brad Austen

All of the articles on this page are a combination of my own knowledge and spirit-inspired wisdom. When I am clear and connect with spirit, I receive a download of information, which I then expand on while writing. Most of my articles are about spiritual growth and ascension. I hope you enjoy reading them.


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My Personal Meditation Journey

The Dance of the Old and New Energies

What To Do If You Don't Know What To Do With Your Life?

Becoming a Balanced Human Being in an Imbalanced World

Transcending Victim Consciousness With Awareness

Channeling and Discernment

Q & A on Ascension — A Higher-Self Perspective

Reading The Future

What Is The Meaning of Life?

What Does It Mean To Be Free?

An Interview About Meditation Success

An Interview About Human Destiny

The Conflict Between Ego and Soul

Mistakes — A Path to Our Highest Good?

Raising Your Vibration and Becoming Sensitive to Energy

What is Channeling?

Mirrors — Reflections of Consciousness

Living Libraries — The Future of Humanity

Many Paths to Enlightenment


Inner Landscape

Climbing the Mountain

Ascension — The Light and Dark

Life Review — Reincarnation

Freewill versus Divine Will

Good Vibrations

Human Destiny — Is it pre-planned or do we have choice?

2012 — Is it the end of the world or the beginning of something beautiful?

Healing our Mind, Body and Spirit

Religion versus Spirituality

Becoming Crystalline

Choose Your Own Adventure — The Journey of Life

Life Lessons

Spiritual Growth in Schools — My Vision of the Future

The Different Dimensions and our Multidimensional Selves

A Walking Meditation

The Higher Self and our Spirit Guides

Walking The Path to Enlightenment


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