Walking the Path of Enlightenment

The path to enlightenment is often called a path because it is a journey through time and space, you don't simply wake up one day enlightened. It takes time and dedication to the spiritual path over many years and lifetimes. Everyone is at different stages of enlightenment on the planet. Some or more advanced in areas and some are still in infancy in areas. Life on earth supports enlightenment through the challenges, tests and trials we are faced with throughout our life. On a soul level we choose the tests and experiences before we are born. In this light, there isn't really such a thing as a "victim". We always have a choice whether we respond to life through fear or love. Being enlightened doesn't necessary mean you can walk on water, it means that you have a greater awareness and have stopped living your life by default. It is very easy to live by default; it requires the least amount of effort. It generally requires more effort and consciousness to live an enlightened life.

So how does one become enlightened? It starts with intent and taking the appropriate action when the opportunities arise. Enlightenment isn't simply a philosophy; it is a way of life or being. It means being slow to anger and slow to judge others. It requires work and dedication to live your life to your highest intent and calling. Becoming enlightened does that mean that you lose your identity, it simply means that your ego becomes balanced with the light of your soul. Your spiritual nature becomes second nature, rather than that of your ego. You become more gentle, compassionate and loving towards yourself and others.

Enlightenment can also be referred to as ascension. There are a lot of misconceptions about ascension. For those on a spiritual path, their bodies will generally live longer than those that are not ascending. We are not at the point yet where our body will not die; however humans in the future will have much longer lifespans. Ascension is often called a narrow path because it requires a lot of inner work. It is very easy to get caught up in materialism and instant gratification, which can deter our path to enlightenment. Becoming enlightened does not mean you have to sell all your possessions and live in a monastery either. It is simply about balance in all areas of your life.

Life on earth is very much about diversity. There are so many different cultures and religions. None are necessarily right or wrong; it is more about what resonates and what doesn't. On the path of enlightenment, one's beliefs gradually change over time, so it is important to have an open mind and heart. What was truth for you today, may change tomorrow. Everyone's path to enlightenment will be unique to them, as we all have different circumstances, work and family life. Throughout our various incarnations, we have experienced a great deal of different faiths and cultures.

In a nutshell, enlightenment is about becoming more peaceful and compassionate to your fellow man. As more people on the planet become enlightened, gradually solutions will be found to our problems and we may one day have world peace. This won't mean that there will be no disagreements; it simply means that humans won't resort to violent acts anymore to vent their disagreements. We can all play a part in bringing more light and love to the planet. I will leave you with this affirmation. If you were faced with a challenge today, before reacting in fear, ask yourself "what would love do here"?

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